5G RF Planning

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Course Overview

5G Radio Access network planning is a process of proposing location of sites, configuration and settings of the network nodes to be rolled out in a wireless network. Radio network planning objectives are fulfilled by proper selection of site locations, configurations, and settings of all parameters including antenna heights, azimuths, angles etc. In this course, an advanced understanding of how the changes and improvements in capacity, transmission, service quality and the impacts to the 5G marketplace will provide business opportunities to optimize the 5G capabilities will be provided.

Course Objective

  • Introduction to 5G Air Interface
  • 5G Link Budget
  • Propagation Model Tuning
  • Concepts of 5G coverage simulations
  • Initial Parameter Planning (PRACH Planning)

Duration : 1 Month


Course Fee: 2000 INR

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Course Content

  • Introduction to 5G Air Interface
    • 5G Use Cases
    • 5G spectrum
    • Numerology
    • Resource grid
    • Introductions to Physical Channels and Signals in 5G
  • 5G Link Budget
    • Link budget introduction and objectives
    • Site layouts and number of sites calculation
    • 3GPP Propagation Model
    • Penetration Loss
    • Shadow Fading margins
    • Basic comparison between 4G and 5G link budget
  • Propagation Model Tuning
    • Cellular Propagation Models
    • Purpose of Model Tuning
    • Model Tuning with CW Drive Testing
    • Model Tuning Process
  • Concepts of 5G coverage simulations
    • Inputs to NR RF design
    • Workflow of 5G RF Planning process
    • 5G Static simulations introduction
    • 5G dynamic (Monte-Carlo) simulations introduction
  • Initial Parameter Planning (PRACH Planning)
    • Introduction to PRACH
    • PRACH Parameters
    • RSI assignment examples