Direct to Home service and Technology

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Direct to Home service and Technology

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to gain perspective of commercial operations and learn about Direct to Home service and technology. This course gives a deep knowledge of components, working, terminology, future growth of Direct to Home service. It also differentiates the Direct to Home service with other available services like
Fiber to the Home service. It gives a perspective enabled increased sales of DTH service.

Course Objective

  • Basics of Direct to Home service technology
  • Direct to Home service-related terminology
  • Direct to Home service components
  • Direct to Home servicemarket, future and Government regulations
  • Fiber to the Home Technology
  • Identify how to sell services

Duration : 2 Hours


Course Fee: 499 INR

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Basic DTH Technology
  • Working of DTH
  • Process of Drone piloting
  • Features and Components of DTH
  • DTH Terminology
  • Comparison of DTH to other services
  • Government rules and regulations
  • Tools used in installation and maintenance of DTH
  • DTH Assembly Components and Consumables
  • Process of Installing DTH on Site
  • Personal and Professional Skills
  • Fiber to-the Home (FTTH/X) Installer
  • Health & Safety
  • Selling Products/Services

Industry Job roles

  • Direct to Home Service Engineer
  • Direct to Home Service Technician