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Broadband Technician

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to attain an overview of broadband technology and terminology. In addition, this course helps in understanding cable wiring and equipment installation at customer premises, how to configure equipment to establish broadband connectivity. Finally, this course gives an insight into troubleshooting to localize and rectify faults as well as UPS installation and domestic power supply checks

Course Objective

  • Understand the broadband technology
  • Perform cable wiring and equipment installation at customer premises
  • Configure equipment to establish broadband connectivity
  • Troubleshoot to localize and rectify faults
  • Install UPS and carry out domestic power supply checks

Duration : 3 hrs


Course Fee: 499 INR

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Course Content

  • State the knowledge about cables and connectors
  • State the process of cable laying and its connection methods
  • Understand customer premise equipment like modem, router and switches
  • Execute and demonstrate the procedures for equipment installation
  • Understand the importance of record-keeping and documentation
  • Understand how to read manuals and work orders
  • Understand the importance of Interpersonal Skills
  • Understand how to interact with Supervisors
  • Understand the network topologies
  • Understand the basic command related to networking
  • Understand the connectivity of CPE and End User devices
  • Understand the Configuration of CPE and End User devices
  • Understand the process of configuration testing
  • Understand technical data
  • Understand how to communicate with peers
  • Understand about liaising and coordination skills
  • State the importance and function of escalation matrix
  • Understand the process of problem solving
  • Understand how to identify cables and connectors correctly
  • Understand the importance of EMI and EMC
  • Understand the process of crimping and soldering
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting of cable and connector
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting of CPE (Modem, Router, and Switch).
  • Demonstrate the troubleshooting of configuration and connectivity
  • State the use and types of UPS
  • Understand how to check voltage, current and earthing
  • Understand basic load calculations for UPS Power Supply
  • Understand UPS and Battery Compatibility
  • Understand how to communicate with the customer

Industry Job roles

  • Broadband Technician
  • OFT Technician