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Optical Fiber Technician (OFT)

Course Overview

The individual  must be capable of supervising the team and perform/knowledgeable on each activities performed at the ground.

Course Objective

  • Acquaint self with facets of trenching, laying, jointing and blowing of cables by: authenticating and confirming cable drum is placed near site, cable marking is as per guideline, trenching is according to the route plan
  • Comprehend inspecting criteria of route plan, clearance, schedule and patrolling by: acquiring route plans, their clearance and check for safety of the site for cable installation
  • Identify importance of fault maintenance, maintenance of POPs and Repairs to OFC by: compliance to enterprise policy, coordinate with NOC and carry out planned maintenance.
  • Aggregate potential knowledge and skill to vouchsafe the importance of health and safety by: safeguard compliance of safety regulations, personal protection and environmental conditions.
  • Comprehend and initiate the importance of report and record by: ensuring cable id, cable markings, drum numbers, OTDR findings are Documented for future reference.

Duration : 4 hrs


Course Fee: 499 INR

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Course Content

  • Roles and responsibility of optical fiber Technician
  • Installation & Commissioning of Optical fiber cables (OFC)
  • Conditional Maintenance & Planned Repair Activities
  • Corrective Maintenance & Optical Fault Restoration
  • Optical Fiber Health and Safety
  • Soft Skills

Industry Job roles

  • Fiber Optic Technician
  • Fiber Engineer
  • Cable technician Optical Fiber