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Fiber Laying

Course Overview

The individual will be performing laying of fiber and ensuring the optimum method followed as directed.

Course Objective

  • What is an optical fiber
  • Why it is required in telecommunications
  • Opportunities in the market for optical fibre technicians and splicers
  • How optical fibre works
  • Responsibilities of Optical Fiber Technician

Duration : 4 hrs


Course Fee: 499 INR

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Fiber Optics
  • Job Opportunities and career progression for OFT
  • Elements of Optical Fiber Communication
  • Working, types and bands of Optical Fiber
  • Tools and equipment of Optical Fiber
  • Methods and types of Installation of Optical Fiber
  • Fault Notification, Fault Localization, Fault Rectification and Fault Restoration
  • Health and Safety at Workplace

Industry Job roles

  • Optical Fiber Technician
  • Broadband Technician