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Concepts of Drone Piloting and System

Course Overview

The Individual will be learning as to how a drone piloting work and learn about various applications.

Course Objective

  • Basics of Drone / UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Technology.
  • Terminologies associated with drone
  • How a drone works
  • Drone movements and system requirements
  • Functioning of drone system
  • Regulations and Legislations for Flying Drones

Duration : 3 hrs


Course Fee: 500 INR

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Course Content

  • Introduction to the Drone / UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Technology
  • Parts of a Drone
  • Process of Drone piloting
  • Functions and applications of a Drone
  • Type of Drones and FPV Installation
  • Drone Flight Control System and Ground Control Station
  • Security, Safety and Hazard Management
  • Drone Ethics

Industry Job roles

  • Drone Pilots
  • Ground Control Engineer
  • Drone Flight Control System Engineer